aerosoft's - German Airports 2-Cologne-Bonn X

aerosoft's - German Airports 2-Cologne-Bonn X 1.01

Cologne-Bonn X 1.0 is German airport scenery for FSX and FS2004
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Aerosoft's - German Airports 2-Cologne-Bonn X 1.0 is German airport scenery for FSX and FS2004 which features Konrad Adenauer airport. It includes sceneries such as freight terminal and the military section.

The add-on shows the Konrad Adenauer airport which resembles the real structure and details of the airport. The scenery has well detailed buildings, lighting systems, navigation aids and of course the layout of taxiways and runways which have been restructured. There are high detailed aerial images and the surroundings around the airport matches with the real one. It is an exact replica of the original model. It has a photo realistic ground texture of 1 mega pixel.

There are many realistic navigation aids featured in the add-on like ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS. The scenery consists of all the airport buildings and institutions. It is bundled with scenic effects which add to the realism of the add-on. It also features night effect making it adventurous. It is bundled with a realistic runway and lighting which is used for taxiway. A manual is also provided for extensive information about the airport. It also consists of original DFS airport charts. The FS2004 version also features additional things such as Dynamic airport enhancement services which creates a dynamic traffic for vehicles on the apron and `Autobahn´.

The users can benefit from the scenery as it gives a realistic view of the airport to the user. Modeling techniques are used to get the best out of the textures. This would provide the users with a great add-on to enjoy the in-flight experience even more.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Complete details and structure of the airport


  • Texture lining in the graphics is not done to perfection
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